I’m passionate to unlock your potential so that you can lead a purposeful life journey.

Do you work hard yet feel stuck in the same job? Are you frustrated because you cannot see progress in your career? Do you even feel like there must be more to your skills, experience and God given talent, but are unsure of where to start?

So, did I.

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I struggled to figure out my life purpose. I always dreamed of bringing change to the world around me. All I knew is that I liked motivating people. I also loved being mentored and learning from others.

Twenty years ago, I realized that my gifts, skills, and God-given potential mattered a lot. At an early stage in my career, I realized one of the best things to do was to develop life-long learning skills and be aware of my strengths, as well as areas of growth.

Developing “soft” and “hard” skills was crucial. Personal growth and development are vital. Why? When a single individual grows, he or she can bring change to a whole nation.

Using my leadership failures as a stepping stone has been precious. I learned that the answers to my questions and solutions to my problems depended on one person: myself! I had the keys to living a purposeful life. Likewise, growth for our team members depends on each individual: he or she is the only one who can find the solutions that will allow himself or herself to thrive!

I graduated from School of Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship, Regent University, Virginia Beach with a Master's of Arts in Organizational Development & Leadership diploma. 

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My work experience

During my 20 years’ experience, I have worked with multicultural teams in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, East and South Asia, the Pacific islands, and East and West Africa, among other contexts. In my work experience I have led Operational teams, held HR Director positions, worked as a strategic Organizational Development  practitioner in various multicultural environments. I have worked in a series of increasingly senior roles, culminating in my most recent global role as a Global Senior Organizational Development & Change Adviser at World Vision International. 

I have traveled in more than 45 countries around the globe. I have met people of different backgrounds and it is always a joy to help them find their significance, walk alongside them to reach their full potential. 

I have supported more than 60 teams in different parts of the world to reach and exceed their goals, become more effective and efficient to implement their strategic goals. 

Leadership and learning make up for a great journey ahead.....


Elvira has been coaching CEOs in our Micro Finance Institutions and helping me to develop my Organizational Development abilities through advice and co-facilitating workshops for leadership teams, including using Kaizen- process improvement tools. We have found it a very valuable support. On each project, agreeing objectives and boundaries has been done in a professional, timely and clear way. She demonstrates our core value “We are Partners” and is always willing to share useful materials and advice. I have complete confidence in Elvira's integrity and expertise and I have witnessed her bringing spiritual insight and a talent for diagnosis, as well as empathy and a sense of humor, which gains people's trust and openness.

Chris Penson

Regional People & Culture Business Partner, Employee Relations, Middle East & East Europe,
Vision Fund International

I met Elvira at a critical point in my career. She was an invaluable adviser and friend who helped me navigate unfamiliar cultural and personality dynamics so that I could thrive in the workplace. Thanks, to hear coaching, I developed the confidence to facilitate high-level meetings and seek out opportunities that would stretch me professionally. Her compassion, insight, wisdom, and faith-based lens on organizational dynamics continue to influence my career path!

Emily Williams

Legal Advocate & Program Director at Restoration Immigration Legal Aid, USA

She is a visionary leader. I was working under her leadership for almost four years. She was leading the team with a focus on the big picture and business acumen. Elvira has a very strong work ethic. She engages in a very insightful way with business owners to bring about performance. She takes risks and leads change. Very high levels of accountability and ownership are part of her leadership style. Elvira’s coaching is invaluable to my career as a Human Resources professional. She encouraged and coached me to see beyond the current, push myself towards higher career aspirations. She was a great coach in my career and personal development.

Gerlee Dondogdorj

HR Manager- Millenium challenge account- Mongolia, Water Compact.

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Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success; leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall. —Stephen Covey

When you enlarge others, you seize an opportunity to help them reach their potential.

John C. Maxwell

Trust men and they will be true to you; treat them greatly and they will show themselves great.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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