December 2


Comfort zone and Change can not live under the same roof!

When we are in control, we feel safe. This is a land of ”milk and honey” for us. We do not want to leave it. Then unwanted change comes. Lack of confidence, intimidation and fear creep in.

Our emotions are high. Critical thinking is low. Fear is in between. Once we fight the lack of confidence, fear of the unknown and decide to step into a new reality, learning comes in. It is easier said than done.

30 second take away

•Identify your feelings about change, and take steps to work with them, not against them

•Practice building resilience by viewing change as an opportunity, not a problem

•Prepare your brain for learning and master new skills by starting small and naming the outcome you want to achieve

Here are some helpful questions to helps us as we go through change

•What is a change you’re anticipating or involved in?

•What’s your primary emotion related to this change?

•What are some of your unspoken thoughts about it?

Change = Opportunity


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About the author 

Elvira Rama

I have traveled in more than 45 countries around the globe. I have met people of different backgrounds and it is always a joy to help them find their significance, walk alongside them to reach their full potential.

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